When you have people in positions of authority ginning up violence, of any sort, and particularly in regard to race or religion you have an unbelievably vicious problem on your hands. What began with disgruntled simmering over the death of hoodie-wearing Trayvon Matrin, has finally reached a rolling boil courtesy of the likes of Louis Farrakhan, Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and the gang-banger thug movement, BlackLivesMatter. The murders of white people and law enforcement are being called for, and none of those race baiting morons, to include our president, is saying anything to the contrary.

The most recent of these tragedies is that of the back-of-the-head no-warning execution of Harris County (TX) Sheriff’s Deputy, Darren H. Goforth. Deputy Goforth, was on duty and was fueling his vehicle, when he was approached form behind, shot in the back of the head at point-blank range, and shot three more times in his back. The cowardly murderer then took off in his red pick-up truck. This was a very brazen assassination. There was no attempt by this criminal to hide his actions from anyone other than the victim. Witnesses saw exactly what happened and immediately called the police and even followed the assailant until the vehicle was lost sight of.

A few days prior, black radicals, while on-air via an internet radio broadcast originating from Texas, issued a bellwether call for the lynching of white people, and the slaying cops, so as to end white-on-black police brutality. The radicals said the best method to address this was to kill the “cops that are killing us.” They sat there on the public airwaves and called for the murder of cops, and agreed with each other. Thug minds think alike. Inciting violence is a crime in and of itself and they should be prosecuted.

This thug movement is getting out of hand. It is no longer about protesting the death of some low life criminal, or even the wrongful death of an innocent person. This movement is about anarchy and is taking on a murderous life of its own.

We can all hope and pray that the murderer meets with justice, and if the desk-jockeys’ tirade had anything to do with it, that they be held accountable too.


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