Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller exposed some very telling information about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton when he was given a chance to interview with Fox News. What he said about Hillary left the reporter speechless and may even spell the end for Hillary's campaign.

Apparently lies and corruption aren't something that Sid Miller is very fond of. During Miller's interview with Fox News this past Wednesday Miller released a shocking announcement of what he had seen taking place in Texas, and it's something Hillary never wanted to see the light of day.

With the election rapidly drawing near, Miller wasn't about to hold back. He needed the American citizens, who are about to decide the fate of this country for the next 4 years, to know all the facts when they finally make that major decision. What he said rocked Hillary to the core.

Voter turnout has seen record-breaking numbers, especially in Texas, where people are turning out in the massive numbers to cast their ballot early, most oh whom are putting their faith in Donald Trump. It would seem those same patriots who have shown up to his rallies have been sure to come out show up to the voting polls.

Miller revealed something in particular that makes these record-breaking number of voters extra interesting.

"We have a record number of people registered to vote in Texas. We’re having record turnouts, the first day, the second day of voting. And it’s not Bernie Sanders supporters coming out to support Hillary. It's not Barack Obama supporters coming out to support Hillary," said Miller about the huge early voter turnout.

Then he explained what makes this year so special, "It's a new surge of Trump voters, many who have never registered to vote. Many who have not voted in eight or ten elections so they’re not reported in the polls…"

Hillary is trying her hardest to close down the race before it's over, tricking people into believing that she has already won and that Trump is only an afterthought. However, no matter what sort of trickery or cheating she does to rig the polls or make her crowds look bigger at rallies, it doesn't seem like it's over just yet. Trump supporters in Texas have proven just how much they care this year coming out to vote for the first time in years, and likely this is just the beginning.

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Source: Mad World News


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