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The back-story to this incident isn’t in the obvious interaction between the grocery store cashier and a customer; this story is actually about how multimillion dollar retail organizations like a Target, or a Wal-Mart and in this particular case a Kroger hire functionally unqualified individuals to represent their franchise.

No doubt this particular idiot should be fired; along with the store manager and perhaps a good number of the HR staff on the corporate side for not doing their due-diligence in hiring this individual, in the first place

The incident took place at a local Houston area grocery store as a customer who would only give her name as “Meredith” was at the checkout counter ready to pay for her items, when the moronic store cashier wouldn’t check her out because she was wearing a tee-shirt that read "Police Lives Matter" and "All Lives Matter."

Obviously we’ve reached a point within our society; where common sense, logic and critical thinking are no longer prerequisites in getting hired, simply think at how many times we’ve all had at some point a disastrous encounter, with someone within a retail environment, and it’s become almost a daily occurrence.

However as stated the fault lies with the retail chains that have bought into this political correct environment and are afraid to set basic policies for their employees, as to what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

The customer who was interviewed on KTRK-TV spoke of her ordeal when for no apparent reason the teenage cashier suddenly stepped away from the checkout line, apparently in some sort of distress and spoke to a co-worker.

"She was stating that the shirt I had on was basically a slap in the face to her and she was doing everything she could not to cry," Meredith said.

"She made me feel ashamed to have the shirt on, and I don't appreciate that," she said.

Meredith, who is married to a police officer, has complained to Kroger about the incident, has yet to respond, stating that it was still looking into the matter.

The Blue Bow foundation, which works to support police officers and their families has severed all ties with Kroger:


"She's trying to go about her daily life and when she got turned away just to simply buy groceries, I knew we had to do something immediately," said Blue Bow's executive director Kimberly Colley, whose husband is also a police officer.

"Our husbands risk their lives every single time they put on those uniforms. They're walking targets and this is the least we can do to show there is support out there….

"We don't want to do business with them if that's how our citizens are going to be treated."


What do you think folks? Do you support the ban on Kroger for this vile and blatant hatred towards police?

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Source: Dallas News

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