Donald Trump may have been elected president but the damage done by race-baiters such as Obama, Al Sharpton, and the rest of the BLM continue to wage war against our nation's police force still proves to be an issue that we must face moving forward. As a result of the black lives matters nonviolent protest thing police are being gunned down in the streets for no reason other than to cause chaos and try to provoke police officers into doing their jobs. We've seen a huge increase and police officers murdered in broad daylight by racist thugs, just as is the case with this most recent officer shooting in San Antonio, Texas.

The incident took place outside the San Antonio Police Headquarters this past Sunday morning. The officer slain in the tragic incident was identified as Detective Benjamin Marconi by SAPD Chief William McManus.

Detective Marconi, age 50, had been a veteran of the force for 20 years. The incident started with what Marconi thought would be a routine traffic stop. Detective Marconi pulled over the vehicle in question and, after approaching the car, he returned to his own squad car to issue a ticket.

While Marconi was in his own car, a black sedan pulled up behind the officer's car and a black male exited the vehicle and approached Marconi’s squad car.

The cop-hating thug came to Marconi's window and shot Marconi once in the head. Then the thug reached into Marconi's window and shot the officer once more, before getting back in his own car, and fleeing the scene.

As of now, police Are still unsure as to the exact motives of the murder. Police are also unsure if there was a definitive connection between the black sedan that pulled up behind Marconi, before the driver exited and shot Marconi, and the car stopped for the routine traffic stop.

It's not unreasonable to think that this may be another case of police hatred carried out in this violent and tragic incident. Regardless of the exact details of this incident, one thing is for sure, police killings are becoming all too commonplace.

San Antonio PD is no longer conducting traffic stops alone at this time. The risk to officers has gotten to the point where they need back up just to simply issue speeding tickets. This is the type of environment that hate groups like the black lives matter group have created in America today.

San Antonio PD is working hard to find the suspect responsible for the brutal killing. They are offering a $10,000 reward for any information about the suspect, seeing as this is a capital murder case.

This thug and thugs like him need to be identified and punished to the full extent of the law. Lawless violence and hatred against our police officers cannot continue. Luckily, Donald Trump has already shown which side of the thin blue line he is on. Hopefully, he will be able to give our police force he support that they truly need to keep America safe while he makes America great again.

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Source: KENS5

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