It seems the Lone Star State, is once again taking a stand, reminiscent of another. However this stand isn’t for independence but rather to perhaps preserve the health and wellbeing of its community.

A proposal for a cemetery operated by the Islamic Association in Collin County, Texas has residents within the community in an uproar, and have even threatened to place pigs’ heads on posts and spill pigs’ blood on the property to keep an Islamic group from buying the land,

Aside from the obvious tensions that currently exist between the two groups; the fear within the small town of 3000 is how Muslims bury their dead, and how it may impact the community’s drinking water. In that Muslims do not embalm their dead, washing bodies in warm water instead.

And if the undeveloped land off highway 380 becomes a Muslim cemetery, Farmersville resident Mont Hendrick and fellow resident Troy Gosnell will have a major problem with it.

“When somebody dies they bury them at that time. They don’t know whether they were shot, diseased or anything else. All they do is wrap them in a sheet from the grave and bury them,” said Gosnell.

Another resident Patricia Munroe of the tightly knit community added; “The bodies are generally above the water we get rain just like we did it’s going to be in our drinking system,” said Patricia Munroe.

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