Would any of us ever have thought that ISIS’s near recruiting grounds would be the northern part of the Lone Star state? 

Turns out, that appears to be the case.

The North Texas FBI field office states they have ongoing counter-terrorism investigations of social media sites.

Young people are enticed by ISIS, for whatever reason (pandemic mental illness?), and follow the scent of blood to the “dark web,” a term we are becoming familiar with courtesy of Anonymous.

Special Agent in Charge, Thomas M. Class, Sr., is calling, “…the most significant threat to the county—the most significant threat to our national security it’s the FBI’s top priority.”

In addition to the FBI, Texans are also taking the threat seriously, and fortunately in a state that holds the 2nd Amendment near and dear to their hearts, the people are in good hands-their own.

Source: Qpolitical


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