Although the human species is indeed complex, in actuality, there are only two fundamental differences within humankind that can simply be categorized as “givers” and “takers.” Moreover, within our own personal lives, we come across these two groups daily, the individual who’s always ready to assist, always ready to share, and always ready to open their homes and invite family, friends and neighbors. And then there are the “takers” who always expect something for nothing, and always blame others for their perceived misfortunes.

And within that group are we find millionaire celebrities and athletes like “crybaby Colin Kaepernick who still feels “oppressed” after living the American Dream as a professional quarterback, earning a salary and celebrity status that most of us can only dream of.

However, on the flip side of that coin, there’s Defensive End for the Houston Texans Justin James “J. J.” Watt, who’s working tirelessly to organize hurricane relief efforts for the past several weeks, and has thus far, raised over 30-million dollars for the tens of thousands of victims in Texas.

J.J. posted on his Twitter page that the physical donations pouring in at a staggering rate from all across America haven't even been tapped into. Moreover aside from cash donations, much-needed emergency supplies were also being donated by the general public, which sparked a massive distribution event over the weekend.

In a recent interview with James Palmer, J.J. was asked about how many hours a day he’s spending on relief efforts and his answer was remarkable: “I asked Watt how many hours he’s spent on his fundraiser and planning this event since he arrived in Houston with the rest of his teammates on Wednesday. “All of them,” he said, smiling. Outside of a two to three-hour workout each day, Watt has spent every second working with either Houston mayor Sylvester Turner, people from the Justin J. Watt Foundation or volunteers to make this massive project a success in just a few short days. There is no question there were also a few prayers Saturday night that things would go off without a hitch.”

Palmer continued: “Many professionals, let alone professional football players, struggle to lead groups during a time of crisis. Watt has done it brilliantly. I asked someone close to Watt, who has been with him during every step of the planning and preparation, how much of this he’s actually been hands-on for. She responded, “All of it.”

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Source: Freedom Daily

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