“It is irresponsible for the refugee resettlement operations to put aside any type of security interest and continue to press on about this.”

-Governor Greg Abbot (TX)-

Governor Abbot said this in response to the heavy handed thug methodology on full display by the International Rescue Committee of New York.

This committee is seemingly condoned by President Obama and his administration because come hell or high water, Texas will accept at least six Syrian refugees.


End of story.

President Obama says that state’s rights do not exist when it comes to the import of Syrian refugees.

How they can exist when it comes to other forms of immigration, or not exist when it’s convenient, as is the case with sanctuary cities around the country, would be baffling in a normal universe, but in Obama’s universe picking and choosing what laws to enforce, and ordering states to break laws to satisfy his whims are the norm.

So, Texas did what any good American Governor ought to do and filed a lawsuit against Obama’s D.C. immigration mafia and said, not-happening. 

Other states are also refusing Syrian refugees and are facing the same tyrannical backlash from the president.

It will be interesting to see what approach they take in dealing with Obama’s forced infiltration of Syrian refugees into the American homeland.

Perhaps they will take a page from Governor Abbot.

Over half the states say no, and if they all file a lawsuit, maybe our government will get the picture.

Source: Qpolitical


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