“You thugs, you Black Lives Matter bulls–t, you bunch of frickin’ retards…”

Somebody in Texas has just blown their fuse. The cause of the overload are the “retards” otherwise known as low-life-scumbags, #BlackLivesMatter and assorted hate groups. That somebody is Nathan Ener, who is enraged over the execution of Deputy Gorforth at the hands of Shannon J. Miles. Not only is Miles a deranged hate-filled racist, with a weak mind (hence the reach for retard), he is also yellow-bellied coward, because he shot Goforth from behind.

According to Ener, “There’ stuff that us citizens do, and we’re fixin’ to do, startin’ now.”

He goes on to point out that while Miles may have pulled the trigger, but it is those that come marching through our towns chanting “oink-oink, bang-bang” that killed Deputy Gorforth. He takes on Farrakhan and says it reminds him of that epic waste-of-skin’s call for 10,000 people to hunt people (meaning, white people).

“Startin now, we holdin’ these people responsible. Like I said, it stops now.

He is issuing a call to all people, young and old, to not let those thugs come to your town. He tells cops to put the word out those pieces of trash are coming, and let the folks get involved with stopping them, that the fight is not with law enforce, but for law enforcement. For the elderly, he illustrates that with a simple slingshot you can start with their vehicles and “pepper their ass with rocks.” Truthfully, imagine 10,000 people with slingshots and rocks. It won’t be pretty.

“Never again will they stand in a street in Texas, or anywhere else, and holler ‘kill cops-kill-cops.” Them sons-of-a-bitches, their days are over.”

Send them to jail, really messed up, and the rest will be taken care of. No more, will the thuggery happen in Texas. Somebody might die, but it won’t be a cop.

Law enforcement officers?

“Step the hell aside. Do not get in front of me. Do not try to stop any of us.”

Those retards? Get used to the sound of a shot-gun being chambered, because it is the last thing you will be hearing on planet earth.

Ener ain’t playin’ the game anymore.

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