Egyptian President Abdel el-Sisi continues to take the lead in the fight against Islamic terrorism, closing down 27,000 Muslim places of worship in his country that are thought to be hotbeds of extremism.

el-Sisi has not been afraid to step into the vacuum created by President Obama’s weak effort in the Middle East and made international headlines in January with a call to the Islamic world for a “religious revolution.”

His courageous stand challenging Muslims throughout the world to “modernize” their faith as other religions have done, stands in stark contrast to President Obama’s reluctance to even use the words “Islamic” and “terrorism” in the same sentence.

Instead, Obama continues to preach his own version of a Middle East reality in which al Qaeda is “decimated,” ISIS is the “JV team,” and the death of bin Laden won the war on terror.

el-Sisi has publicly questioned the commitment of the United States in the fight against terror and is promoting the formation of an “Arab ready fighting force” comprised of Egypt and its neighbors Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Kuwait.

The closure impacts only small places of worship, those on less than 860 square feet, in villages and areas set aside for worship in apartment buildings, stores and workplaces.

According to scholars and government advisors, these small neighborhood prayer areas extremist “time bombs” because they are not supervised by the country’s Egypt’s Ministry of Religious Endowment.

These small, informal areas are often used by religious zealots and groups like the Muslim Brotherhood to and recruit young men to join jihad. Closing them would force fundamentalists to attend obligatory prayer at mosques, having the practical effect of forcing them into the open.

Unlike the United States, Egypt does not enjoy freedom of worship and the government regulates mosques, imams and even the content of prayer.

In his call for religious reform, el-Sisi criticized the “political Islam” of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and urged Muslims throughout the world to “reinstate the right meaning of religion.”


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