San Bernardino, California, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and now Woodbridge, Virginia. In case you haven’t heard, there has been another success in our war on terror.

Joseph Hassan Farrokh, a textbook profile of Jihadist hatred, a Middle Eastern male in his late 20s, was arrested at the Richmond International Airport.

He was getting ready to hop a flight to Amman, Jordan. His version of a relaxing vacation was a jaunt to the Levant to meet up with Jihadists and train in Syria. You know the place.

That would be the where we have been training and arming rebel forces to topple Bashar Assad. Rebel forces who turn out to be….wait for it….ISIS or supporters of them!

His good buddy, Mahmoud Amin Mohamed Elhasson, also a mid-20s Middle Eastern male, and the guy who gave Farrokh a lift to the airport, was likewise taken into custody.

Sadly, the former is an American citizen from Pennsylvania. The latter is one of those immigrants from a Middle Eastern nation welcomed into our open arms.

It would appear that our Federal Bureau of Investigation nailed it. They busted these two low-lives via their own Jihadist maniacal bloodlust, coupled with stupidity. Pinky and the brain, Mahmoud being the latter, had made himself a Jihadi buddy.

Having struck up this connection, he informed Pinky of his plans to help get Farrokh to the 7th century cesspit of his dreams. 

This would allow Farrokh the opportunity to fulfill his lifelong goal; “chop their heads” in the inglorious name of Allah.

The connection to his and Mahmoud’s Caliphate visions turned out to be a handful of FBI informants. Terrorists-in-training who had cut a deal for less time in prison. Of course, they should get no less time in prison. Maybe we could give them the choice of how to be executed.

We all owe our FBI a round of applause. In doing this, they stopped another Jihadi and we may never know what homeland attack was interrupted as well.

Source: 100 Percent Fed Up


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