Secretive investigations and SWAT-team tactics targeting conservatives for the “crime” of exercising their First Amendment rights are coming under attack in Wisconsin as the state’s supreme court and legislature consider taking action to protect citizens from abuse by over-zealous prosecutors.

Using so-called “John Doe” proceedings, Wisconsin prosecutors have directed local law enforcement to conduct early morning raids using paramilitary tactics in what has been called “political witch hunts.”

Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm, a Democrat, has devoted the resources of his office to target conservatives for the “crime” of supporting Governor Scott Walker in his efforts to reform public sector unions.

A suit filed against Chisholm alleges the investigation was undertaken to end Walker’s political career and reverse his policies.

Walker is expected to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president in the near future.

Wisconsin’s “John Doe” statute is similar to a grand jury proceeding and was intended to allow prosecutors to subpoena witnesses and compel testimony in the early stages of an investigation.

However, in the current investigation into suspected coordination between conservative organizations and Governor Walker, officers in SWAT gear terrorized private citizens by executing search warrants in early morning raids, including at a home where a 16-year-old was alone. His request to call his parents was denied.

In two other incidents, three women, one a mother with young children, were subjected to tactics reminiscent of home invasions as doors were broken down by armed sheriff’s deputies.

“Nothing could have prepared me for waking up to the shouts of men with battering rams announcing that they were about to break down my door,” wrote one witness.

A former prosecutor glibly commented, “This is not a party invitation. The first step when entering a home is to secure the premises and take control. You don’t call ahead and let them know you are coming.”

One of the parties has filed a civil rights action against the prosecutor, and Wisconsin lawmakers introduced a bill this session that would revise the scope and scale of the investigations, prohibiting their use in political cases.

The revision to the law would also limit the investigations to six months.

Walker has been under “John Doe” investigations for much of his time as governor.

h/t: American Thinker

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