When ISIS took over parts of the Middle East, it was unclear what the punishment for anyone not following Sharia Law was. It was assumed that anyone going against ISIS could expect to be tortured or killed in a gruesome manner. ISIS recently released their penal code in a post titled, "Clarification [regarding] the hudud." The hudud is a set of fixed punishments that are viewed as a "violation of a boundary of God." ISIS intends to inflict this on anyone that is unwilling to follow Sharia law.

The document listed out several different punishments ranging from the cutting off of hands for theft, to death and crucifixion for anyone caught murdering and stealing. The document said anyone that blasphemes against Allah shall be killed, and anyone that blasphemes against Mohamed the prophet would also be killed, even if they repented.


The "Clarification" came out after a string many violent killings over a 48 hour period. The killings were said be executions for people that were breaking the hudud. Two men were thrown from a building top for being accused of homosexuality, while 17 men were killed and cruxified for various crimes. The "clarification" failed to clarify if there's a limit to the torture and method of killing, except in one instance it said death by stoning for adultry. Considering ISIS's love of theater, there is probably no limit on the horrors they would publicly put someone through to put the fear of their wrath into the public to get them to abide by their doctrine.

ISIS has already mentioned their plans to conquer the rest of the world, in their mind the hudud applies to every living and breathing person on earth. The attacks in Paris were praised by ISIS, and they have been calling for more attacks like it. In their minds they are justified in killing anyone, not just people living under their control in parts of Syria and Iraq.


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