After a heated controversy about a unit in the Tennessee textbooks about Islam came to light, the entire state dropped was forced to drop it completely from the curriculum. Later the Council on American-Islamic Relations felt that they had been victimized and cried out "Islamophobia."

WGNS-FM reports that the section on Islam has been dropped entirely for the 2019-2020 school year.

"The Kingsport Times-News reports that an entire section on Islam currently taught to seventh-graders has been removed from the state Board of Education’s draft, which went online for public review Sept. 15. Most of the sections involving Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions have remained in the draft in some form," reports WGNS.

"The State Board of Education Director of Policy and Research says the new standards are more manageable and 'age-appropriate.'"

Many parents seemed to be very upset with the curriculum that focussed heavily on Islam as opposed to other faiths. This quickly sparked a heated controversy across the state.

Pastor Greg Locke quickly became very well known on the internet for outing the Tennessee curriculum and textbooks for having such a strange interest with the Muslim faith.

"(T)here’s 28 pages that they have to learn about Islam and Muhammad and how it all came about and about the Holy Quran and the Five Pillars of Islam and how they pray and when they pray and where they pray and why they pray and about pilgrimages and all of this, and then they say, ‘Allah is the only God,'" said Locke, explaining that they only left "a half-page of watered down Christianity" in the textbooks.

Reports were coming in saying that students were being force to recite the Shahada, which is the Muslim version of the "sinner's prayer" in evangelistic Christianity.

Now Muslims everywhere are claiming that these complaints by parents are bigoted and Islamophobic.

What else would you expect from the CAIR? If this really is as bad as people are saying it is then it marks just another initial sign of Muslims setting down roots in America and trying to spread Islam to all corners of the globe.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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