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Perhaps our first initial reaction upon hearing that kids are being forced to go to jail for a dress code violation may concern us, and perhaps it should.

However like most issues there are always two sides to every issue and should perhaps be viewed in a broader context.

The issue involves two students in Bolivar, Tennessee who are part of a group of four who apparently violated the high school’s “dress-code” and after receiving multiple warnings were charged with exposure..

The school’s dress code specifies that pants must be worn to the waistline, specifically banning “low slung, baggy-legged or bell-bottom pants.” Students are also expected to dress in a “neat and modest manner.”

Apparently two of the high school seniors kept ignoring the dress code and defied school authority repeatedly and thus ordered to spend 48 hours in jail. Of course as predicated that action has created a firestorm.

According to resource officer William Hoyle, the schools concern among parents and faculty was for the impact that the exposure would have on the younger students.

“The environment is already bad, and it ain’t gonna get any better if the older kids don’t try to show the younger kids anything,” Hoyle told reporters.

Moreover the a broader issue here, is respect for authority which apparently these two students lack, and  seems more problematic than simply adhering to a dress code, which should begin at home…and perhaps the wrong people are spending those 48-hours in jail.

Source: The Shrug

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