Societies everywhere must be governed by rules, that's one of the truths about living in a modern world. But sometimes those rules can seem outrageous or ridiculous, especially if the rules have to do with the way that you wear your pants.

For two teenagers in Bolivar, Tennessee, however, breaking the rules about the way they wear pants resulted in a 48-hour jail sentence. The two teenagers attend Bolivar Central High School and were arrested for "indecent exposure" when they wore pants that sagged to an extreme level.

According to authorities, the two students had been warned and reprimanded numerous times, yet they still continued to flout the school's dress code which prohibits saggy pants. Part of the high school's handbook lists out that "low slung, baggy seat, baggy legged or bell bottom pants are not permitted."

One local resident, a woman named Sharon Till, respected the decision of the law officers to implement the rules, but thought there might be a better way to get through to the teens. "Maybe we have them do some community service, pick up some trash, help at the dog kennels, things like that. I think putting them in jail is just a little bit much."

But for those locals who are outraged at the fact that two teens spent the night in jail for "saggy pants," there are a few reasons to think the real cause may have been for something more.

For one thing, four students were included in a late-2015 charge of indecent exposure for wearing saggy pants. But of the four, only two were actually sent to jail.

To me that means that the students who actually went to jail for "saggy pants," were guilty of other crimes as well and that the saggy pants just compounded their trouble.

Whatever the case, this may just be the most ridiculous reason that teenagers have been sent to jail ever. Hopefully everyone else keeps those waistlines high!

h/t: WREG Memphis

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