A Belize national was charged with a quadruple murder after he went on a rampage and murdered his second cousin, her daughter, and the daughter's boyfriend. Additionally, an unborn child was also murdered because of this illegal immigrant's attacks.

Brian Omar Hyde is only 19 years old and is an illegal immigrant to the United States. His birth country is Belize and Hyde was waiting for approval or denial from an immigration court on whether or not he could stay in the country.

While details of exactly what happened aren't readily available, the news has come forward that Hyde's murder of his cousins and their loved ones was extremely violent. One officer said that the evidence of violence was "unimaginable."

While some might give the illegal immigrant credit for keeping the attacks within the members of his own family, the fact that Hyde was cruel enough to murder members of his own family proves that he is far too dangerous to keep in the United States.

Surviving family members of the cousins Hyde killed have come out and cautioned other immigrants and people of their situation. "This could happen to anybody," said the mother of the boyfriend who was killed, "so be careful who you bring into your house."

The only bright spot in the story comes from the fact that an 18-month-old daughter of the young murdered couple was found alive at the scene. Investigators suspect she was in the bathroom throughout the violence and that Hyde didn't know about her.

Hopefully other legal and stable families with relatives in Mexico and Central America take this story to heart. It is impossible to know what kind of a person you are bringing into your home when you house and shelter an illegal immigrant.

That person might be family, but they might also have an uncontrollable rage and violent streak. While tragic, this story carves another notch in the terrible need for immigration reform.

h/t: NBC News

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