Washington State is going down the transgender toilet. If it isn’t caving to Sharia in their school districts it’s caving to pedophiles. In doing so, they are shaming the LGBTQ community.

With respect to this particular incident the LGBTQ folks ought to be outraged because it is Chester-the-Molesters like the guy discussed below that cause what is affectionately referred to as homo-phobia.

It isn’t gay people anybody fears, it is those taking advantage of the rest of society under the guise of being an LGBTQ. We warned y’all, but nobody listened.

Olympia, Washington parents are getting a taste of what their liberal state, and perhaps even their vote in support of transgendered rest rooms and locker rooms is costing them.

The Evergreen College shares a locker room with the Capital High School swim club, AND a local children’s swim academy. Let’s stop right there, adults sharing locker rooms with 6-year olds…that in and of itself is disturbing. Moving on…and only recently making the news, was a 2012 incident where a 45-year old man stood in a locker room with a female child and flashed her.

As in, exposed his nether region to her.  The age of the child is unknown, but in some circles is being reported as a teenager. That part really doesn’t matter. What matters is the notion of transgender bathrooms and locker rooms. What matters even more, is what Evergreen College did to address the situation. They hung a privacy curtain for the guy, because, “Gender identity is one of the protected things in discrimination law in this state.”

Last time I checked, so is pedophilia which does not not have to involve touching a child, it just involves sexual desire and interaction with a child. He flashed the kid! That is “interaction.” Pedophilia knows no gender.

Meaning, that like the rest of the population, the LGBTQ community is not immune from these despicable creeps being among their ranks. In fact, there are probably more child molesters/rapists among them, because the new anti-discrimination, free-for-all bathrooms provide free and easy access to children!

“If it were my kid, I would be absolutely outraged.” That according to Joseph Backholm of the Family Policy Institute.

All I can say, is that if it were my daughter, the transgender seeking freak would not have to worry about the cost of the surgery anymore. Ever.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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