“One nation, “UNDER GOD.” There. We’ve said it, and we have offended every atheist out there. In doing so, we stand with Samantha Jones, the New Jersey teenager locked in a battle to keep the Pledge of Allegiance just as it is.

The Pledge is subservient to God, and God alone.

“The phrase One Nation under God, sums up the history and values that I have always learned about in my history classes. Because, it acknowledges that our rights don’t come from the government, but from a higher power. They can’t take away those rights.”

For an atheist family in the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District, this is a problem. The atheists, being on-par with the tyrannical Muslims, are trying to submit the nation to their will.

In fact, they are suing the school district because it is offensive and in contradiction to their beliefs.

They are a “religion” of tyranny, just like another group we all know. Jones says atheists are protected by the phrase ‘Under God’ because that is where their right to disbelieve originates. She is absolutely correct.

Atheists would be nothing more than a blip on the idiot-radar if it wasn’t for liberals. The left-wing loves them because it supports their goal of utter dependence on the government and allows them to reign supreme. The nature of man is to control.

If you eliminate God from the equation your tyranny is complete.

We need more young people like Samantha Jones who are willing to stand up and say our rights, as individuals and as a blessed nation, are bestowed by God and not DC.

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