It is so refreshing to read some good news about our next generation. GWith all the stories of school bullying, cyber bullying, and hook-ups on campus, you begin to think our teens are nothing more than a pack of jackals.

Perhaps it is time we begin thinking about all those sensationalized stories, as just that—sensational and abnormal, which is what makes them newsworthy.

The rest of the teenage population are just your average All American kids next door, raised by good parents, and growing into excellent young men and women.

This was recently demonstrated by a teenage girl in Kansas City, Kansas. As she was leaving a local Chili’s restaurant, she dropped a note at the table where two local police officers were dining. Captains Rance Quinn and George Sims were the recipient of a napkin that read;

“Thank you for keeping us safe.”

A simple message, but filled with powerful meaning. Our Thin Blue Line is the target of hate and violence right now. The shaming flung their way is so sad and embarrassing.

The officers shared their appreciation for the young woman, who they did not have time to thank as she exited the restaurant. They gave her a thumbs-up and a Facebook post that read, “This young lady touched us in a way she might not have realize and before we could react to it the family walked out.”

The young lady started something;a 5-year old deaf child and his mom visited the officers, because the little boy always wanted to meet a cop, as reported by Opposing Views. Next, came a waitress who thanked them for their service. The couple seated adjacent to them paid for their meal.

The officers would like to publicly thank these folks too and have put out a Facebook APB, “in hopes that these gestures make it back to the people who did them so they will know just how appreciated and POWERFUL their actions were.”

Next time you see an officer thank them for putting their lives in between yours and a bad guy. It is the least you or I can do.

Source: Opposing Views



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