Do things happen for a reason or do you think it's all coincidence? Well after watching this video, it would be hard to just claim coincidence when you see just how close this teen came to losing his life.

The video shows a rather bored, perhaps depressed or lonely teen, leaning on a fence with a sort of downward gaze, not paying much attention to anything. The teen steps back and takes a breath before walking away to kick a rock or something on the ground when, BANG, a vehicle comes slamming into the very spot he was standing on just moments before.

Something like this may not resonate as spiritual to some people, but to others, this is a clear sign of God's work. Perhaps this was a wake-up call to the young man or even the driver.

We may never know, but let this be a lesson for others to cherish every moment as things can come to an end at an instant.

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