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Ted Nugent is no fan of Obama, Democrats, or left-wing nut jobs, and he has no problem sharing his opinions along those lines.  In this case, he provides reasons to vote for Donald Trump. However it is important to remember this; “At this time I do not endorse Donald Trump any more than I endorse Ted Cruz as I admire both gentlemen,” wrote Nugent on his Facebook page.

In any event, Nugent put together quite the tongue in check list and we have included them here:

Obama is against Trump

The Media is against Trump

The establishment Democrats are against Trump

The establishment Republicans are against Trump

The Pope is against Trump

The UN is against Trump

The EU is against Trump

China is against Trump

Mexico is against Trump

Soros is against Trump

Black Lives Matter is against Trump

MoveOn.Org is against Trump

Koch Bro’s are against Trump

Hateful, racist, violent liberals are against Trump

If domestic and foreign policies weren’t enough for you to start leaning Trump’s direction, take a look at his swing and home run when it comes to everyone’s favorite celebutards to hate:

Rosie says she will leave the country

Al Sharpton says he will leave the country

Gov. Brown says California will build a wall

Cher says she will leave the country

Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country

Whoopi says she will leave the country

There are more than 20 reasons Nugent gave so he must have been on a roll.

Who can disagree with the guy?

h/t: Conservative Tribune


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