Ted Nugent has garnered a reputation for himself as the one of the whinny liberals' biggest nightmares. His social media posts always seem to get a real rise from the self righteous liberals in this country. It seems that Ted Nugent has just done it again and you can bet the liberals in this country are pulling out their hair while they read it.

Nugent's most recent Facebook post has gotten a lot of positive feedback from conservatives but what makes it even better is all the outrage and hate it is receiving from crybaby liberals in this country.

Ted Nugent, or "Uncle Ted" as many of his fans refer to him as, has never been one to hold his tongue when defending the Republican party or the Second Amendment. Uncle Ted is known for his very blunt way of getting his point across without worrying about being political correct one bit.

Uncle Ted's recent Christmas Facebook post is no different. Ted gave his holiday greetings to both Republicans and Democrats in a hilarious manner in which he personalized his greeting according to each party that made many leftists outraged and really only proved his point in doing so.


Naturally, liberals took this to heart and came at Nugent hard leaving countless nasty remarks, which only proves Nugents point further. They should have realized that Ted Nugent was just poking a little fun at them and exaggerating their outrageous liberal behavior, but only slightly, but they didn't.

Instead, they fed right into Uncle Ted's little jabs and made complete fools of themselves. It never gets old seeing good old Uncle Ted rattling the cage and letting the liberals inside completely humiliate themselves.

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Source: Clash Daily


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