Ted Cruz wants to be President of the United States.

With a recent declaration of his candidacy, many are wondering how well the Texan with strong Christian roots and a firm grasp of conservative ideals will fare in a tight Republican field.

It might seem a hopelessly difficult task, but Cruz intends to use a series of Reagan tactics to get voters to send him to the White House.

Firstly, Cruz is poking at the divide between Americans and politician, more than between Democrats and Republicans. He wants voters to see him as a candidate for the people, something that Reagan was able to accomplish.

As part of this strategy, Cruz wants to try to get crossover votes, something that sounds nigh impossible in today’s split between two parties. To do that he’ll have to hold on to his beliefs with an iron grip.

To be successful at his strategy, Cruz needs to convince Democrats to cross over the fence to the Republican side. In short, he wants Reagan Democrats to change their name to Cruz Crossovers.

That sounds well and good, but how is Cruz intending to do that? Politics are so divided on party lines it seems like a crossover voter is a forgotten thing of the past.

But Cruz is hoping that sticking to his values will convince voters that he’s the candidate for them, blue or red. If we’re honest with ourselves, America needs a president who will stick to his word. We’re pretty sick of Obama-style rhetoric.

Speaking of Obama, Cruz is proud of the way that he’s fought against the administration’s actions. He’s quick to point out that he spoke for hours and hours, delaying the passing of Obamacare.

Of course, Cruz also hopes to be able to count on Evangelical voters heavily—perhaps that’s why he chose to announce his presidential candidacy at Liberty University, school that has strong Evangelical ties. As part of his running strategy, he wants to give Christian voters a candidate that they can turn out and vote for.

He is hoping that his grassroots and people-based movement will have the same effect as Reagan’s candidacy and it’s the people-up approach that has most people comparing Cruz as a candidate to Reagan’s successful presidential bid.

Reagan was able to approach the American people directly and throw off the appearance that he was simply another Washington, D.C. politician looking for a larger home.

Similarly, Cruz wants Americans to know that he thinks conservative principles are the best way to run the country. And he’s willing to step away from Washington and take a page out of Reagan’s playbook to make it happen.



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