Ted Cruz is the strongest example of a man of extreme faith being willing to test the waters of the presidential election. He's gaining popularity in most major presidential polls and it's becoming clear that Cruz is a very viable candidate to take America back to strong, conservative principles.

But that's not what's making liberals freak out when it comes to Ted Cruz.

Cruz has told people that he's willing to be a strong president, even in the face of terrorist threats, and that has liberals in a fizzle. They don't know what to make of Ted Cruz's promise that he would carpet bomb ISIS terrorists if he was elected president. Liberals have been used to Obama's tenuous foreign policy which has no direction and wields no real clout behind his empty promises.

Cruz, on the other hand, promised that if he were elected he wouldn't be afraid to pull the trigger, even though he is a strong Christian believer and most Christian teachings focus on love and peace.

"Let's be clear, the Bible says, 'Thou shalt not murder,' which is different from 'Thou shalt not kill.' And defending yourself is an obligation of any president. It is not murder," said Cruz.

He continued by saying that killing in war is justified because in war soldiers are defending the innocents and are fighting against evil.

ISIS definitely fits the bill of an evil group that needs to be taken out, but it's interesting that liberals are so quick to point out that Cruz's religion should get in the way of him being able to be a competent Commander in Chief.

For some reason America's liberals have become extremely adverse to war and killing, even though America is the largest and most prominent target for terrorism and other violence in the world.

We need more presidential candidates on both sides of the political spectrum like Ted Cruz. Candidates who are willing to fight to protect the freedoms we enjoy in America.

h/t: NewsMax

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