Michelle Obama took the title of First Lady to a new level during the presidency of her husband Barack Obama. She used the White House as a platform to spread progressive values and regulation, most memorably by instituting strict lunch guidelines for schools that provide lunches for their students.

The students, for their part, responded by posting pictures of the terrible concoctions served up in Michelle's name and many chose not to eat the food rather than digest the healthy but unappetizing food.

[score]Ted Cruz[/score], however, says that, if he's elected, his wife, Heidi Cruz, will "French fries . . . back to the cafeteria."

Cruz's comments came on the campaign trail in Iowa just hours before most voters headed to the caucuses to vote for the GOP party's leader. He directed his comments to a group of students who were present at his rally in Jefferson, Iowa, and they responded with cheers.

It's a well-known fact that Michelle Obama's lunch guidelines, though probably well-intentioned, simply added to the stifling bureaucracy in America and made it even harder for students to focus on the things that matter most in school--learning.

Sure, healthy is important and we don't want our children to be eating garbage at school, but even adults recognize that dessert, a slice of pizza now and then, or even French fries aren't going to make the absolute difference between healthy and unhealthy.

If Heidi Cruz does implement any programs as First Lady, we can only hope that they remove restrictions that are stifling America, whether it be regarding school lunches or anything else.

But whether or not Mrs. Cruz does anything regarding the school lunches or not, the fact remains that Ted Cruz is far from locking up the GOP electorate and becoming the nominee. \

With the New Hampshire primaries coming up, it remains to be seen who the front-runner in the GOP party will be. And the candidates' plans to change school lunches probably aren't high on anybody's list of important talking points.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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