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The debates last night were full of the usual rhetoric but also some actual substance but what people seem to really be talking about today is what Ted Cruz was doing during commercial breaks.

From IJR:

Last night’s GOP debate was aggressively contested between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

But while the GOP heavyweights duked it out on stage, during the commercials, the candidates and moderators get a little break.

The Fox News moderators were all smiles:

But Cruz was doing something entirely different. He was playing with his kids.

Independent Journal Review’s Benny Johnson was at the debate, and he captured a scene you will never see on the TV cameras:

The next elections are on March 5, but sometimes it’s lovely to look beyond the politics.

It's refreshing to see a candidate who is just being a normal person. The fact that Ted Cruz is clearly a good father to his kids speaks a lot about his character.

This is a little behind the scenes look that allows you to see Ted Cruz being himself instead of all the calculated political speak we normally get to see and it is very telling.

Does this change your opinion of Ted Cruz?

Do you think he's fit to lead our nation?


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