Hillary has been battling questions about her illegal use of a private email server for months and months. She has consistently claimed that she didn't know that any of the emails that she received via her server contained classified information and that she should be cleared from blame.

However, recent news has come out, with the release of another huge batch of Hillary's emails, that Hillary's claims for why classified emails may have ended up on her server have an even more ridiculous reason: she didn't know how to use email on a computer.

According to Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Lewis Lukens, Clinton didn't want to receive emails on anything but her Blackberry device because she "[did] not know how to use a computer to do email."

Correspondence from the aides indicated that they believed that Hillary could be quickly trained to manage email on a computer, but they also put forward a potentially illegal idea of having Hillary set up her own private "standalone" system which would allow Clinton to access the internet separate from the State Department.

Though a State Department spokesperson has been adamant that this standalone system was not implemented, it begs the question whether or not this issue helped prompt Clinton to use the private server system that has led to the controversy.

Clinton's email case is being investigated by the FBI in conjunction with the State Department to determine whether her use of the private server indemnifies her under a portion of the Espionage Act known as "gross negligence."

Indeed, it seems ridiculous that Clinton would choose to jump through such painful hoops as setting up a private server and managing her emails remotely instead of learning to use a computer like the rest of the human race.

It's clear that Hillary has no way to connect with the average American and that her shady email practices should be grounds for legal action. As such, she is no fit candidate to be president.

h/t: WND

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