It seems obvious to any critical thinking American, that when you announce a “gun free zone” what you’ve actually announcing to a deranged and evil mind is that they have a “killing field”, where no one is armed.

Moreover if a school is within a rural community, the likelihood of first responders getting to that school in the event of an emergency may take precious time, therefore common sense dictates that something needs to be done to protect students.

And the answer may come from the Utah Shooting Sports Council, who are giving lessons to those teachers who are trying to protect their children.

The class continued a tradition born in 200 by the Council of providing free classes to teachers and faculty.

“A shooter who wants to end his life via suicide but take a whole bunch of other people with him, probably wants to pick a place to exact that evil plan without getting return fire,” Utah Shooting Sports Council Clark Aposhian told KSL. “We are hoping to show that Utah schools and universities are not a place to do that.

“We need to allow teachers, bus drivers, librarians and others to carry firearms if we are serious about protecting our kids,” he added.

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