Political correctness can claim another victim--British boarding schools. Though none of you who are reading this likely care about British boarding schools one way or the other, the fact that they have given in to the demands of the liberal mafia should give anyone pause.

The news broke that Britain's Boarding School Association, a group which is responsible for "serving and representing member boarding schools, training staff and promoting boarding education," has passed rules that ask teachers to learn a new language for addressing transgender students.

Instead of referring to students by the masculine and feminine pronouns "he" and "she" or "her" and "him," they are instead being asked to substitute the made-up pronoun "zie."

This move is part of the association's effort to "queer the education system."

According to the Boarding School Association, the move was made in response to teachers who were unsure about the way to address their students.

"They felt they were in the dark on what was politically correct and had fears of causing offence," said Alex Thompson, the deputy chief executive of the group.

This news follows other school-based organizations in the UK who have chosen to eliminate gender-differentiated dress codes and an all-girls school that has stopped referring to its students by girls. Instead, the school now only uses the terms "pupils" or "students."

From any other country in the world, this news would prompt groans. But from Great Britain, the home of the English language, the decision to use a made-up word like "zie" in place of English is unbelievable.

Additionally, students now have power over their teachers in a way never before seen. Where before, teachers were able to establish order in the classroom, now students have the ability to call teachers out if they use a gendered pronoun. And that's simply ridiculous.

Take note, America. This could be coming to a school board meeting near you.

h/t: Daily Caller News Foundation

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