There was a time not so long ago, when teachers commanded respect and were positive roll-models for young and fertile minds, they were unique and special individuals who held dear their noble profession as “educators”.

However not all teachers are a positive influence on their students, some in fact are down right obscene. Take the case of a Florida teacher who asked her students about their sexuality, allegedly cursed at them, and told students she hates white people, and then was surprised that she was suspended for 15-days without pay.

Southside Middle School teacher Kelly Hendrix is charged with calling students derogatory and homophobic names, telling a father his daughter is lesbian and stating she hates white people.

“They’ve never even met with me and told me what I’ve done wrong,” Hendrix told Fox 30 News, “I teach 165 kids this year. They pulled me out of the class because of one complaint. One complaint,” she said. “I love it. I love it. And now it’s over for me.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel, “One female student said that Hendrix asked her if she was gay, the student said the conversation made her uncomfortable but Hendrix kept at it, giving the student details of a time she had a sexual encounter with a female teacher at the school. … After that conversation was over Hendrix is said to have hugged the student, kissed her on the cheek and told her she loved her.”

Obviously the days of reading, writing and arithmetic have given way to denigrating students, and unwelcome personal innuendo and sexual harassment.

The investigation says that Hendrix told students if they reported her inappropriate behavior they would fail the class or be given referrals, telling them, “I own you, you listen to me”

The allegations, listed as “substantiated”, include: “exercised poor judgment when she had inappropriate communication with a student, when she used profanity in class, asked students about their sexuality, and called students ‘gay’ and or lesbian.”


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