A 6-year old boy suffered abuse for a minimum of five months before Child Protective No-Services did anything about it.

The boy’s school had been reporting his symptoms over and over again, to no avail. He always appeared to be ill, would rummage garbage cans for food, and began to look emaciated. Yet, CPS did nothing.

When the boy showed up at school with blood dripping from his lips, law enforcement was called and the wheels of justice were finally set into motion.

Sure enough, the boy was the victim of on-going abuse at the hands of his sperm donor father, Christopher Sefton and stepmom Lori Lloyd. Two prize specimens of human beings without a doubt.

Every day the child was beaten. Not only that but he was fed smoothies of pureed hot dogs and cooking oil twice a day, as well as forced to exercise constantly to the point of exhaustion. Then, he was not allowed to sleep.

His siblings were treated in similar fashion, but the 6-year old took the brunt of the abuse. During the 2014 investigation, the school attempted to feed him during the day, only to have daddy dearest threatening to sue.

Eventually, Sefton and Lloyd were arrested and faced charges for a “deliberately cruel pattern of abuse,” according to King County (WA) Senior Deputy Prosecutor, Cecelia Gregson, as told to local KOMO News.

“They were using food to torture him,” she went on. “It has the added benefit of trying to kill him, but it was a very effective form of torture.” The father and stepmother have been sentenced to 20+years for their crimes.

Certainly, that is not long enough. They get 20 years of three hots and a cot, and the children get a lifetime, longer than 20 years, of psychological damage.

Source: Mad World News

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