Over in Bregenz, Austria, a teacher is facing prosecution for providing an honest history lesson on Islam. She explained to her class that Muhammad, the father of Islam, took a 6-year old girl as a wife.

The marriage was consummated when Aisha bit Abu Bakr was all grown-up—age 9. This is fact. An Islamist will tell you this, if they are being truthful.

This is pedophilia. This is something Islam condones, or at least the fundamental and radical parts of Islam condone. In fact, even your average moderate Muslim seems to be incapable of calling their great founders actions what they were—child rape.

For her part, the teacher did the right thing. She told the truth. This would be no different than giving a lesson on the concentration camps and the horror that was waged on the Jewish people in World War II. Or even slavery in America’s history.

As such, it should not be a crime to tell the truth about what is turning out to be the most bloodthirsty active religion in the world. She is now looking at facing criminal charges for “inciting the people.”  She is the person being sought as a sacrificial lamb for hate-speech. When did the truth become hate-speech?

When did not providing children with the resources to prepare them for life become part of education? Apparently, like the US education system, the only preparatory lessons that children need are those that will provide them the opportunity to convert to Islam.

This teacher did a great thing. Fundamental radical 7th-century Islam targets children as sexual fantasy toys.

They delight in the rape of children and they are unabashed about it. Children have a right to know that they are potential targets of such demented and demonic behavior every hour of every day of their young lives.

Since not telling the truth about Islam is the modus operandi of school systems everywhere, it is time for parents to take the reins and do it themselves.

Source: Mad World News


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