What ever happened to common sense? It seems that we can no longer turn a page within a newspaper, flip a channel on TV, or log on to a website without, witnessing another crass act being committed by yet another crude individual.

Moreover this mindless and apparently insensitive act of name-calling, one would imagine would be the work of a clueless adolescent teenager or perhaps a dysfunctional individual, and not from a critical thinking adult, much less from a sitting high school teacher, who should know better.

And yet that’s exactly what took place at Smithtown High School West, last week, when teacher Veronica Welsh decided to post on her Facebook page, a derogatory and demeaning slur targeted at some of her students, who were proudly getting involved within the political process.

Apparently Welsh didn’t like the candidate some of her students were supporting stating within her post; “This week is spirit week at Smithtown HS West. It’s easy to spot which students are racist by the Trump gear they’re sporting for USA Day.”


The post as one would imagine, drew an immediate backlash and was quickly deleted, however not before parents and students chimed in; “She made a mistake by putting the school’s name in it,” one student told CBS-2, “but she has a right to her opinion.”

While another committed; “There’s no reason for her to pass judgment on those kids on a social platform.”

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