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For those who lived through the carnage and aftermath of 9/11, seeing small pockets of cheering Muslims after the Twin Towers fell on local news broadcasts was never in dispute…it happened! And the only dispute was in the actual size of those celebrating.

The video footage (since deleted) showing Muslims cheering took place in several New Jersey towns, and in particular in Jersey City which as a large Muslim community.

So this report by a teacher tweeting that the Muslim children in his class were celebrating the Belgium jihad attacks comes as no surprise for those who lived through the horror of that September morning, over a decade ago.

“Incredibly” within a few hours of his tweet, this teaches was suddenly visited by 3-police officers who apparently found him and advised him not to tweet any more.

Ironically the police were able within record time in finding someone through a tweet on the internet and yet unable to find a terrorist fugitive for months only a few miles from police headquarters or foil a terrorist plot until after the carnage had taken place…this is the reality of Europe today.

Brussels for decades has been wildly known as a “safe haven for terrorists”, and where entire neighborhoods have been taken over by powerful Muslim Imam’s and where few if any police presence exists.

Tuesday’s attack came after a week of tensions throughout the Belgian capital as security forces closed in on Salah Abdeslam, believed by French and Belgian investigators to be the last surviving member of the ISIS cell that carried out the Paris attacks that killed more than 130 people and wounded hundreds more in a multi-pronged attack on the French capital last year.

h/t: Pamela Geller

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