The lunacy of America continues without pause, this time “In God We Trust”! Or more to the point, taxpayers in Kentucky will foot the bill for signage that bares the words “In God We Trust”!

Those 13-signs which have been placed in committee rooms at the state’s legislative building at a cost of $2,811, and sponsored by Republican Albert Robinson in 2014, apparently haven’t been approved.

Robinson insisted in an interview that he would raise the funds next year, saying; “In the long run, taxpayers will not get stuck for their cost, even though the state will pay the bill now.”

“That's exactly what's going to happen,” Robinson added. “I intend to raise the money when the next legislative session starts in January or will pay for it myself. I have deep convictions on this.”

Robinson’s original legislation did not specify who would pay for the signs, and of course within this brave new world of secular progressives, any reference to God, is cause enough to litigate as outlined by Michael Aldridge of the Kentucky branch of the American Civil Liberties Union; “Government should not favor one religion over another but we have seen challenges to similar situations not go far since it is the national motto,”

And of course not to be out done by the American Civil Liberties Union, is Rob Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church and State; “We just believe that government is supposed to represent everyone, the religious and non-religious.”

Rob Boston of Americans United for Separation of Church and State

“In God We Trust” signs have been displayed in the state’s Senate and House chambers since 2006; however the controversy involving the verbiage is just the latest taking place across the country.

However there doesn’t seem to be any dispute or controversy among these secular progressives who apparently believe any reference to God, shouldn’t be used and or promoted on any government institution and or on any signage, and or display, apparently have no problem accepting fees and or spending money with the verbiage “In God We Trust.”

Source: Opposing Views

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