Executives at retail giant Target are in pretzel mode as they attempt to twist cold, hard data to fit their liberal narrative, but sometimes, you just have to face facts.

Sales are down, profit projections are off and customers have found their way to Walmart and dollar stores and stock shares fell 6.4 percent this week as it reported the first U.S. sales drop in two years, lowering predictions for the second half of the year, including the holiday seasons.

It didn’t happen by accident, but in typical liberal fashion, if your company makes a decision that is so unpopular with the public that 1.4 million customers sign a petition vowing not to do business with you, whatever you do blame something, anything other than that change in policy.

That’s what Target is doing after its declaration last April that it would do away with gender-specific restrooms and dressing rooms in favor of a “whatever you feel you are is reality” policy.

While the Obama-approved policy is ostensibly designed to make life more comfortable for the miniscule percentage of Americans who are truly transsexual, it has, in fact, made it possible for adult men to gain access to women’s restrooms and dressing rooms without challenge.

Obama has ordered all public schools to adopt the “go where you want to go” policy even in locker rooms and shower areas.

A rash of such incidents has underscored the attack on the expectation of privacy women and girls have always had in such surroundings.

Recently, an Idaho man was arrested for photographing a woman in a Target dressing room after he claimed to be transgender.

Leaders of the online boycott say the pressure is taking a bite out of sales.

“We’re confident that our boycott has played a significant role in Target’s financial results that came out today,” said Walker Wildmon, assistant to the president of the American Family Association.

Target CEO Cathy Smith says “there is no evidence the boycott has had any significant effect on sales,” but she also announced a $20 million bathroom overhaul to provide a third “gender neutral” public restroom at all of its stores, because, obviously, the boycott has had no impact.

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