Target sucks. The store has gone ‘over the rainbow’ and is sliding down the other side into the land of nightmare. This author will NEVER shop there again. This story just adds fuel to the fire for a personal boycott.

Allison Meadows, a 16-year old girl, was attacked in a Target store. She was not attacked in the bathroom by a wack job. She was attacked in the store by a knife wielding nutcase. Michael Turner, another shopper grabbed a baseball bat and began beating the man off of Allison.

Turner was heralded as a hero by the store chain.

Oh, wait, no that’s not quite right.

Michael Turner is being sued by Target because he put other shopper’s at risk by trying to stop a murderous mad man with a knife.



No wonder the company is tanking faster than a mob victim wearing cement shoes. They deserve it.

Allison’s family is outraged and so are we. “Suing Michael Turner is just Target’s way of trying to blame someone else for what happened under their own roof,” said the Meadows family attorney. “The family certainly doesn’t blame Mr. Turner and they are thankful he was there that day.”

Target CEO Brian Cornell needs to be made famous. His face ought to be plastered all over every news website and billboards all over this nation. He is the guy responsible for making his stores unsafe places for normal people to shop.

Even if it isn’t him personally writing the new rules for Target to operate by, he is the CEO—the captain to go down with the ship. All because of “fairness.”  Fairness for who? Certainly not you and I.

Certainly not a stabbing victim, and most definitely not for the heroic person who steps in to defend another’s life.

Target’s all-inclusive policy extends as far as cross-dressing weirdos, child molesters, rapists and homicidal maniacs. The rest of you normal folks are on your own—wearing targets while you shop in their stores.

Source: Mad World News

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