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The effectiveness of this 30 second video is in its simplicity. No celebrity talking head, no special effects, no drama, not even color. The overwhelming effect is simply within the message itself and the devastating realization that within that message, children’s lives are at risk thanks to Obama’s “transgender bathroom policy,” and those like the giant retailer Target who support this depraved policy.

The video produced by the Minnesota-based activist group “Flush Target” attempts (through the video), to educates the public of what to expect if this absurd policy by Obama actually becomes the law of the land.

As the brief video footage begins, the viewer hears a woman’s voice narrating as a man is seen entering into a bathroom; “Any man at any time could enter a women’s bathroom simply by claiming to be a woman who day.”

And within seconds a young girl is also seen entering that same bathroom. You may watch the advertisement below; though we must warn you that it contains disturbing footage:

“Protect women’s privacy,” the ad continued. “Prevent danger. Tell Target to abandon its bathroom policy. It simply goes too far.”

According to Breitbart, “Flush Target” also planned to send a truck to all 75 Target stores in Minnesota. Plastered on the side of the truck will be a picture of a young girl standing at a bathroom stall in front of a man staring at her. “What about her rights to privacy & protection?” the caption will read.

Make no mistake America is in the midst of a cultural revolution, and it’s time for all of us to take a stand!

Oh and by the way, looking at Target's stock price it appears their bathroom policy is taking a heavy toll:

Are you and your family refusing to shop at Target over their Transgender bathroom policy?


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