Aside from being an extremely knowledgeable young woman, Andrea Tantaros is also someone who possesses critical thinking abilities which makes her analogies on any given subject even more insightful, in that she’s able to analyze a topic from a variety of perspectives, which is extremely unique.

However there’s also a blunt “no holds bared” side which is perhaps indicative of her Greek heritage, and tells it like it is, especially when it comes to the likes of a double-talking progressive like Hillary Clinton.

Tantaros who is a vital part of the Fox News family and is seen daily on “Outnumbered” minced little words in blasting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her handling of Benghazi.

In discussing the new movie “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” on Monday, co-host Tanaros said anyone who sees the movie and still votes for Clinton is “a criminal.”

Moreover, anyone who has seen the anguish in the faces of those family members of the those murdered Americans, can’t help but feel a profound sadness, and anger at the way they’ve been treated by this administration.

Although this administration may stonewall and perhaps avoid prosecution for their crime of dereliction of duty, Clinton must not be rewarded with the presidency.

She’s a corrupt politician, and is directly responsible for the murder of those brave Americans, and no amount of cover-up or running interference by the mainstream media, will change those events of September 11th 2012.

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