Clearly, what is going on in the Middle East as ISIS attempts to establish their Caliphate is a thing of nightmarish violence on-par with no other. 

The Islamic State knows no limits when it comes to how they treat their captives, if they allow those captives to live.


They behead, dismember, crucify, torture, rape, sell, and feed children back to their parents. They are perverse in their evilness.

Recently, the ISIS has broadened their horizons and have begun going after the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Unlike those refugees the world is contending with, who flee in the face of the ISIS, the Taliban do not run away.

In fact, they run straight at their enemy and they have no problem meting out equally perverse violence as their form of justice.

For example, the ISIS managed to take four Taliban militia captive. Naturally, as is their calling card, they beheaded the Afghanis.

That did not sit well with the Taliban, so they captured four ISIS in return. They too beheaded their captives.

Then they too it a step further. They placed their heads on stacked rock cairns along a road where ISIS would be sure to see them.


The war in the Middle East is primitive at best, and is like looking back 1,000 years in history. It is shocking and incomprehensible to Americans and coalition forces alike.

President Obama better get a grip and stop calling these people the JV team, because they are anything but.

Source: Mad World News


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