The Taliban has committed its most brutal attack, and this time the majority of their victims were young children. Taliban fighters attacked the Pakistani military school, killing over 140 people, with over 100 of the victims being school aged children ranging from grades 1-10.

The terrorists broke into the school Army Public school and stormed the hallways and classrooms laying down bullets at the anything that moved and even beheading the young children. Survivors recounted their experiences, one boy told the press that he was in an assembly learning about first aid when the attack happened. The room holding the assembly offered nowhere to hide, except under a bench where he pretended to be dead until the attack was over. He suffered a gunshot wound to his arm, unfortunately many of his classmates were killed during the attack. He also said that he did not allow himself to cry until they had left, because he knew that would mean he would be killed.

The Daily Mail reported another student, Ifrar Ullah (15), recalled seeing his teacher, Afsha Ahmed, try to block the attackers and save her pupils, "She jumped up and stood between us and the terrorists before they could target us...She warned them: 'You can only kill them over my dead body'. I remember her last words - she said: 'I won't see my students lying in blood on the floor'...I felt so selfish as we ran away to safe our lives instead of trying to save our teacher who sacrificed her life for our better tomorrow."

With Islamic extremists targeting young children like they did in at the Peshawar Army school, it's a wonder why more liberals and Muslims throughout the world aren't more outraged by this barbaric behavior of beheading and burning the innocent, but they'll get upset when a frail and elderly woman doesn't want to sit next to a fundamentalist Muslim dressed in a burqa. The injustice in the eyes of liberals isn't from innocent blood being shed in the name of Jihad, but instead their idea of injustice is when an old woman doesn't want to sit next to someone whose face she can't see. How can a woman not wanting to sit next to someone worse than the burning and beheading of children and their teachers? Liberal logic falls flat on this one,though they try to explain it away by saying that these actions are not the beliefs of all Muslims.

Perhaps the key to getting people to understand that these extremists are "not the majority of Muslims" would be if Muslims throughout the world spoke out against these attacks. Often times these attacks are met by a hushed and delayed message of, "We condemn these attacks" but nothing more. It's hard to believe that the terrorists only represent a fringe group when the majority refuses to loudly condemn the attacks. Until there's more outrage from liberals and Muslims throughout the world, it will be hard to accept that these attacks don't represent the Muslim faith.

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