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It’s always interesting how one culture views another, for example in Swedish society the officials actually blame their own people for the rise of sexual assaults committed by Muslim refugees citing “Nordic alcohol culture,” “ignorance” and the “non-traditional gender roles” of European women for the growing problem.

The actual Swedish report concludes: “Sweden tops the new EU Statistics on physical and sexual violence against women, sexual harassment and stalking.

The conclusion is that the results are a consequence of Nordic alcohol culture, but also of “non-traditional gender roles.”

And now we have another interesting way by Sweden’s police in how to combat violent assaults including rape, with wristbands reading: “Don’t Touch Me”.

Yes you read it correctly – violent sexual assaults will be stopped by Swedish woman holding up their wristbands.

National Police Chief Dan Eliasson said, “No one should have to accept sexual molestation. So do not grope. And if you are groped, report it to the police.”

He continued mentioning ways to avoid an attack suggesting: “a hand tucked between the legs.” “a hug from behind in the crush at a club or festival,” and “one person holding somebody while another grabs their breasts,” describing them as “situations many young people recognize too well.”

However, rather than blaming the victims, or coming up with ridiculous schemes such as a “wristband,” perhaps an aggressive policy towards the barbarians that would include heavy jail time for criminal sexual assaults and immediate deportations for non-violent crimes would do more to address the rape crisis facing Sweden.

Source: Breitbart

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