It seems almost unconscionable that within a civil society our collective governments have allowed a perverse criminal element to seep within our culture, for nothing more than political expediency.

History will note that this was the moment that western civilization was once again challenged my Muslim hordes reminiscent of the 7th-10th centuries, and to what extent we finally took to drive them back, if indeed we did.

And it’s within this backdrop that we collectively find ourselves once again, as hundreds of acts of violent sexual assault and robberies were reported in Germany by mostly Middle Eastern and African males swarming through the city molesting and robbing women.

The attackers were believed to have been congregating among the nearly 1,000 Muslim refugees, who were identified as mostly men, at Cologne’s central train station, and then broke off into smaller groups to attack hundreds of women.

Justice Minister Heiko Maas asserted that he believed the attacks to be coordinated and prearranged.

“If such a horde gathers in order to commit crimes, that appears in some form to be planned. Nobody can tell me this was not coordinated or prepared.”

Some of the attackers that have been since apprehended by police have been identified themselves as Syrian refugees, and even expressed that they were above the law.

“I’m a Syrian!” one of the suspects shouted. “You have to treat me kindly! Mrs. Merkel invited me.”

There is no doubt that history is repeating itself, and if we are to survive as a “civil society” then we must once again repel the invading barbarians.


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