Over a decade ago, the Syriac Patriarch, head of the Syriac Catholic Church, Ignace Joseph III Younan, warned that toppling the Assad regime would not be easy;

“Be careful, the situation in Syria is not like that of Egypt, Tunisia, or Libya. It’s much more complex, and conflict here will create only chaos and war.”

Now, according to Younan, Syrian Christians are left bereft of a country, because that country is in the crossfire of a multi-factional civil war layered over by Middle Eastern and Western nations, not to mention Russia, vying to control Assad on their terms.

Christians make up 10% of the Syrian populace, but are taking far in excess of that when it comes to the brunt of the war.

They have nowhere to go, and they are “trapped,” in a situation that pits them against; “Sunni and Shia, sectarian and ethnic problems, criminal gangs called ISIS and other terrorist groups who use Islam as an excuse to ‘purify’ areas under their control in the name of religion, and Muslim scholars who tell us that Islam is alien to these facts.”

Younan goes further to accuse those nations warring with Assad, and amongst themselves, and with ISIS and terroristic variants, of being motivated by their own political interests, and interests that have very little to do with liberation of anyone, and in particular, Christians;

“We Christians have been in these lands for thousands of years, long before Islam. The politicians of the West, and in particular those of the United States, Britain and France, are in favor of an endless conflict in Iraq and Syria. This has produced groups of terrorists and 'takfiriin' [those who condemn others with apostasy] and Western media are silent, cowardly and complicit. This is not defending the truth and justice: this is bowing down to those who pay and remaining silent.”

Despite Younan’s and other leaders’ warnings, Syria was marched upon, and yet, the Assad regime remains,

“And five years after an innocent people, and expdcially Chrisitians, have no support. The West has betrayed us.”

Source: CNS News


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