Lost in the media feeding frenzy that surrounds the carefully choreographed attacks on Donald Trump’s character based on decades-old “accusations,” is the simple fact that Hillary Clinton and the media that serves her do not want the American voter to know – Donald Trump is popular. Very popular.

Those deplorables – who probably still cling to their guns and religion as Barack Obama ridiculed in 2008, those rednecks – Clinton’s husband and top surrogate President Bill Clinton called Trump supporters this week, those Latinos who resent being dismissed as “needy” people who could be handled with a quick phone call, those African-Americans who know what their lives in Chicago are really like… the irredeemables as Clinton refers to them, are filling arenas and airplane hangars just to hear her opponent talk about a strong and bright future.

Clinton’s camp doesn’t want these voters to know the numbers of their fellow Americans who feel the same way and are jumping ship, abandoning Clinton to back Trump, but numbers don’t lie.

A surge in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania has voter registration taking place at almost twice the pace of the 2008 and 2012 elections – combined, with more than 240,000 newly minted Republicans registering.

Even more concerning for Mrs. Clinton is the massive shift in registration as Democrats are changing their voter registration to Republican in the state, which has also seen the surprising development of Amish residents turning out to support Trump and a hardening of coal miners into a solid red line drawn against the woman who promised to “shut down the coal mines and put the miners out of work.”


As long as Team Clinton can draw on the power of the print, digital, cable, network and social media behind it to keep Trump’s massive popularity among real voters secret and distract the voters with sex, lies and videotape, Trump faces the risk that his Republican supporters will feel isolated and hopeless – and probably stay home on November 8th.

And that’s a possibility that cannot be ignored.

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