Sweden is pathetically, disgustingly, tragically, beyond an arctic shadow of a doubt a lost cause, destined for the ash heap of European history.

The first nail in Sweden's national coffin was the Pollyanna embrace of socialism decades ago that made multiculturalism possible. The last nail will be the death grip of radical Islam.

There can be little doubt regarding the irredeemable nature of Sweden, at one time a clean, stable, prosperous Scandinavian country of 8 million souls, than to see all the socialist fools who are running the show.

Alice Bah Kuhnke, minister of culture and democracy since 2014, is one of those fools in control of Sweden's sinking ship of state.

Kuhnke recently opined returning ISIS fighters should be integrated back into Sweden so they can feel right at home. If any are suspected of having committed a crime, the police will investigate.

Sure they will.

God only knows what these rabid dogs of war did in Syria -- how many lives they wiped out, how many heads they chopped off and how many hearts they cut out -- how many women and children they raped, tortured, and destroyed without mercy or conscience.

Kuhnke, whose father is Gambian, knows only that Sweden for some unknown reason needs these psychopathic killers safely woven back into the torn and shredded fabric of Swedish society.

Swedish Liberal Party leader Jan Bjorkland rightly called Kuhnke's comments "ignorant" and "amateurish."

Bjorkland was being polite. "Suicidal," "cruel," "anti-Swedish," are words that more accurately describe the predictable outcome of Kuhnke's plan to reintegrate the returning half of Sweden's mighty "300."

Bjorkland also should choose his words carefully. Because, in Sweden, to criticize Islam carries the penalty of up to four years in prison.

Do nation's deserve to die? It's a valid question, one that deserves an honest answer. History teaches that when the will of a nation to live has been broken, death by invasion is almost sure to follow.

Sweden, your days are numbered. And you did it to yourselves.

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Source: Pam Geller


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