Surprise, surprise, surprise. The San Bernardino, California terrorists are, in fact, appear to be part of a larger terrorist cell network.

Mohamed Hassan, a KNOWN TERRORIST FROM AMERICA, who is a REFUGEE, who has NOT been arrested, but is on the FBI’s famous “watch-list,” otherwise known as the do nothing to Muslims list, but pat down ever grandma in the TSA line list, is an talented recruiter who seems to have been in touch with Syed Farook and his equally demented bride Tashfeen Malik.

Hassan is also linked to Elton Simpson. This was the guy who partook in the two-man terror attack on the Pamela Gellar promoted “Draw Mohamed” contest in Garland Texas, back in May. Simpson and his co-Jihadist had planned to have a chat with Ms. Gellar about how discriminated against they feel.

You know, being the peaceful misunderstood Muslims that we know some Islamists are. Oh, wait, that’s right, these two followers of the Religion of Pieces wanted to behead her and kill everyone else.

Hassan is a Somali refugee, part of a decades old program. He used to live in the largest Somali refugee enclave in the nation; St. Paul, Minnesota. There he had the opportunity enjoy all the privileges that come with being an American, citizen or not.

Given that, we can call him an ex-Patriot who chose to throw away his country, the one that issued him a US passport and offered him all the rights of a free US citizen, and go join ISIS, so as to go and return to his blood thirsty roots.

Did you know that we import 6,000-8,000 Somalis every year? According to Ann Corcoran, of the Refugee Resettlement Watch, a watchdog group, these people have, “one of the worst records on not assimilating and being accomplices to terrorist acts.”


It turns out our government has been working against us the entire time we have been at war with Muslim radical terrorists. How fantastically stupid. Not to mention treasonous, really. Read on at the link provided.

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