When John Boehner resigned his position as Speaker of the House and left amid cries for a more solid, conservative leader, Paul Ryan took up the mantle and promised to lead our GOP-heavy Congress in a new era of conservative strength. Some, however, are already unhappy with Speaker Ryan's short tenure.

A group of conservatives organized in Ryan's own home district is attempting to bring down the Speaker of the House and institute a leader who they hope will be a stronger proponent of conservatism.

The group is called Primary Challenge Paul Ryan and has set up a Facebook page. The page has already gathered likes from 32,000 people who are unhappy with Ryan's short time as Speaker, most spurred by the fact that he led Congress Republicans to pass a large omnibus just a short time ago.

The huge spending bill, which included $1.1 trillion of measures that many Republicans would rather see omitted from the budget, passed amid much muttering and grumbling from conservatives across the country. As a result, some are claiming that Boehner never left the Speakership, he just grew a beard.

The Primary Challenge Paul Ryan group represents some of these disgruntled Republicans and is trying to mount a challenger in the 2016 primary election for Ryan's House seat. If they are able, they would like to put forth a conservative who they hope would be able to actually follow through on values and not cave in to Washington.

Ryan, however, has a huge following both in his home district and elsewhere, and the power and prestige he's attained by becoming Speaker of the House will be hard to discount.

If a challenger is able to mount a significant campaign and challenge Ryan, it will be another historical election match-up. Several key incumbents were ousted in the 2014 election and it is becoming more and more of a possibility for an outside contender to secure a win on election day.

h/t: Chicks on the Right

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