It seems that U.S. President Trump’s stock is rising in Europe – and it would appear that French President, Emmanuel Macron, has noticed that having his picture taken next to Trump has its advantages.

At their first meeting, Macron was sharply critical of Trump, strenuously objecting to Trump’s rejection of the Paris Climate agreement and immigration.

This week at the G-20 Summit, as world leaders gathered in Germany, the 39-year-old Macron was noticeably anxious to be seen – and photographed, with the new American president.

Much was made of the handshake between the two men at their first meeting at a NATO summit in May, when they engaged in a bit of “one-upsmanship” with a white-knuckled handshake that lasted too long and matched clenched-jaws as they jockeyed for dominance in photographs.


Less than two months later, the young French politician appeared anxious to be seen with the unconventional ‘Make America Great Again’ president, jostling for position next to the 71-year-old Trump in the G-20 “class photograph.”

As Trump is increasingly seen as a strong, no-nonsense presence on the world stage he is commanding more attention and respect.

Less than two-month into his presidency, Macron sought out Trump as the leaders posed for the traditional photograph, moving from the back of the group to the front, so he could be photographed next to the U.S. president.

The press was quick to note the efforts not only of Macron’s aides, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to direct the French president to his designated place for the photograph, even as he maneuvered to the front row – next to Trump.

Even as the press back in the U.S. continues to engage in what the president calls ‘fake news,’ Trump’s stock is rising in Europe as successful meetings with Pope Francis and his strong ‘America first’ positions such as the contributions of NATO countries and have contrasted with the weak, globalist stance of the previous administration.

Barack Obama is no longer president and leaders like Macron are beginning to acknowledge that Trump is the man to be seen with – both in person and in photographs of historic meetings.

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Source: 100 Percent Fed Up

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